Luxury Rotating Counter-top Lash Display Stand for PrimaLash - Multi-use



This Luxury spinner rack comes with 48 removable arms enabling you to customise your display to suit the needs of your salon. Use all 48 to maximise capacity or use half there are no rules!

We recommend using 200 sets of professional lashes to fill the stand, (5 lashes per arm) with adhesives and/or individual lashes mounted on the sides

Suitable for our Professional range including individuals and adhesives (excluding 1/2oz DUO)

suited for salons and retail display

IMPORTANT- Due to the size and weight of this product there is a small charge of £5 (plus VAT) towards the cost of shipping

PLEASE NOTE: Lash stands are provided strictly on the basis that it is only used for products relating to PrimaLash TM. Any breach of this requirement may be subject to legal action.

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